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As the above title suggests we have just started up a couple small Guilds - 1 on each side
Just me and my mate - the other 2 in the Guild are quite the pair, both americans, 1 female, 1 male, our times work out for them
NZ Based Guild but if our times suit (or even if they dont) your welcome if our philosophy suits

First MMO for us
Started January 2012
Offline Gamers before SWTOR
As Star Wars fans we wanted to give it a burl ....... rest is history
PvE pretty much all the way - even the basics of PvE was a steep learning curve but we did/do like the strategic and tactical demands of PvE
I have being dabbling in PvP (just me) and would like to do more in the future, not to flash at the moment due to both the spontaneous nature and speed of actions in PvP, am currently reading up on PvP and may roll a character so to learn PvP from the ground up, in the level 10 to 49 format
PvE - Have completed the first 2 Ops (Eternity Vault and Karaggas Palace) in both normal and hard modes and am open to doing the other 2 remaining Ops in the future. Havent completed one for some time. Always doing Flashpoints and Daily Runs, still enjoy them, expecially with like minded players
My mate and I are Ex NZ Navy and still work in the Public Service Sector

I would describe this Guild as Tiny, Social, no structured days or hours, no expectations, colourful language at times but in a respectful comedic way, you can chat to us or you can do your own thing, you can leave at any time or you can stay as long as you want (or wanted ). I have no doubt it would suit only new or intermediate gamers, advanced players wouldnt find enough stimulation here. If you're learning the ropes still, and want some empathetic Guild mates, then we might be the guild for you. We both have a young child each, so its not that unusual for us to have them on a stool nearby, letting them have a play when we are not doing anything serious in game. Family first, Gaming 2nd, Work 3rd

Was in a small Guild for most of 2012 (7 of us) and too be honest, they were decent chaps and we got along nicely but they dont play much these days, if at all. I looked around for a Guild with bigger numbers, chatted to a few Guild Masters and even joined a Guild for 48 hours, but I wanted something closer to my way of thinking which led us here

I dont see the point of being in the Guild where you have diffrent goals or are not comfortable in any shape or form so if it aint for you then thats all good

Males, females up to any age welcome, my friends range in age from 25 to 55 so dont be shy if you are an older gamer

If you're currently looking for a NZ or OZ guild and you see some similarities then give us a shout - send me a private message via this website or reply here, will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours