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12.06.2012 , 02:58 AM | #3
I'll disagree. We do not need an 8-man AoE:

1. For a number of cases, the commando AoE actually beats salvation anyway, since it is on a very short CD, and is an instant, so can be used on movement heavy fights (which BW seems to favor in higher tiers of ops). In the first tier of operations (EV, KP), salvation was king of the hill, and if you had two sages, it was pretty much impossible for anyone to die. In current tiers (TfB HM, EC HM/NiM), salvation at best hits 3-4 people in a typical drop, or maybe hits all 8 for a few seconds. But it isn't the powerhouse it once was. In addition, the sage single-target heals are very very slow...good for a constant amount of healing over time, but not good for dealing with burst damage.

2. I would support a small buff to the AoE, such as making it heal for a bit more. Actually my preferred change though is for it to become "smart", affecting the 4 people in range that are most in need of healing, in raw HP terms.

Commando's do need some love in terms of energy management also...such as a reduced CD on recharge cells....or allowing hammer shot to actually heal ourselves if we have targeted self.