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I cant see many similarities to be honest, allthough i understand why people talk about it.
First and formost, Vitiate made that ritual to make it self imortal, he consumed a planet of all force, nathema was not only without life, but without the force as well, he made that ritual for a means of power.Not realy a necessety.
We are talking about a person that can control minds of even sith lords and powerfull force users making him to do his will, for years.
Playing the jedi Knight and one will have a better picture of the nature of Vitiate power. The whole imperial guard its dominated by him for example, he killed a darck council alone one time when revan was in dromund kass.
Only very few individuals were able to resist, his dominance, and none after they were taken before in the past. Revan also JK for instance.

Nihilius its completely diferent, as much i like him like many other Kotor II characters, i see being with all its power, completely dependent of it, to even be, the whole situation about him holding the ship, together, and him being on it traped, its the perfect analogy for what nihilius represents. A person like this, hostage of its own power it was doomed to fail from the very begining, it was just a matter of time. sufice to say the true living being nihilius died at malachor V. Not in the ravager. i cant see him even defeat the emperor, while Vitiate might be unpredictable, Nihilius is certainly not that. The clear case of power controling him instead of him controling the power. Vitiate control his power however, he controls everything, from what i can gather its his most feared ability, he controls his power also the power of others.
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