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This is getting pretty interesting. Team G0-T0 assemble!!

O.K., lets see.The Sun Guard are with Plagueis, but that to me leads to weakness. The Sun Guard are a mercenary cult, they protect their lord on the moon of Sojourn, and if they die, he can hire more. But what if the Exchange decided to attack the moon, nullifying the Sun Guard if the siege where successful. The Sun Guard where powerful, but the entire Exchange and a droid army would win. The only Sun Guard left would be those with Plagueis, which probably wouldn't be more than twenty.

What do you think? Are the Sun Guard out of the fight?
By no means, imagine the Sun Guard as a mixture between Echani warriors and Death Watch. There base of operations is not Sojourn, the operate on a different planet (like death watch on Concordia) where they have an entire armarda.