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Quote: Originally Posted by iamawseome View Post
Force Charge -> Deadly Saber -> Battering Assault -> Rupture -> Annihilate -> Ravage
This opener deals burst damage, builds Rage, and closes the distance to your target.


Execute the following ability priority for optimal damage, threat, or healing on a single target.

Deadly Saber
Vicious Throw
Force Charge
Vicious Slash
Battering Assault or Assault
The key to the Annihilation spec Sith Marauder priority system is to remember the following:

Use Battering Assault or Assault if below 7 Rage.
Maintain the buff from Berserk
Maintain the buff from Annihilate
Maintain the DoT from Deadly Saber
Follow the priority list and use higher priority abilities as often as possible.
I mostly agree with this priority with a few tweaks.

Berserk (may be held a SHORT period to align with 3rd stack of Deadly Saber)
Deadly Saber
Vicious Throw
Battering Assault (iff <= 6 Rage)
Ravage (iff Deadly Saber, Annihilate, and Vicious Throw are >3s from CD)
Force Charge (iff no mechanic is coming which requires gap closing or emergency interrupt, and iff <= 8 Rage)
Assault (iff spending Rage on Vicious Slash will leave you Rage-starved as DS/Annihilate/Rupture come off CD)
Vicious Slash (if >= 7 Rage, or if Charge/BA will come off CD 1+ GCDs before Annihilate/DS/Rupture, and additional VSs will not leave you rage starved for any of those 3)

Deadly Saber is off GCD and should be used instantly on CD. DO NOT wait to pair it with another attack (e.g. Charge). Use it immediately.
Use Annihilate to CD if at all possible.
Use Berserk as close as possible to "CD". Delaying the triggering of a Fury buff and thus the subsequent re-acquisition of Fury is a DPS loss unless a very short delay (e.g. 1-2 GCDs) will permit synchronizing with 3 stacks of Deadly Saber.

This is a strict priority list. At each GCD, the highest available option should be selected.

The difficulty/complexity/challenge in playing Annihilation is speedy decision making and planning ahead at least 2-3 GCDs, as the overall "rotation" is indefinitely sustainable provided that one does not get too greedy with Vicious Slash or miss an opportunity to build Rage via Battering Assault or Charge.

As far as openers go, there are really 2...

Force Charge + Deadly Saber > Battering Assault > Rupture > Annihilate (Pulverize procs) > Ravage > Assault > Rupture

Force Charge + Deadly Saber > Battering Assault > Rupture > Annihilate (no Pulverize proc) > Ravage > Assault > Assault

The latter makes a very nasty hole in your DPS ramp-up, and if Ops Dummy parsing for e-peen, will poison the entire parse. In actual content, it's unavoidable so you just deal with it.

For those unfamiliar "iff" is shorthand for "if and only if".