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GTN is short for Galactic Trade Network. It's a series of kiosks that allow people to put up their goods for sale.

The easiest one to access is on the fleet. Open up the map and look for the GTN area. Every kiosk you see is tied to the same network so if you see a GTN kiosk, it's the same as every other one in the game.

Use the filters on the left side of the screen and you can pretty much hone your search to as tight parameters as you want.

To answer someone else's question about using high level aug kits, yes you can. If you have orange moddable gear, that you like the look of, it's actually smarter to pay the higher cost for MK-6 augment kits (if you can afford them - it's expensive) and then just put in whatever augment is appropriate for your level. The augment kit doesn't change the level requirement of the gear. The gear's level requirement is determined by the level requirement of the modifications and augments in it. Simply put, you can have a level 50 augment kit (MK-6) and put a level 9 augment in it if you wish. In that case the level requirement to use the gear would be level 9.