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The problem is, both sides lean towards opposite extremes. The Sith Empire is the epitome of intolerance with straight up specism. They believe the strong rule the weak and anyone who is not Human or Sith is a Lesser Creature who is only good as a slave or target practice. The only partial exception to this were the Chiss who worked out a deal with the Empire rather than fight them over who/what was better and just accepted Imperial Rule in exchange for allowing them to keep their government system in tact.

The Republic is not much better. They promote universal acceptance and try to bring in every sentient species into their collective government as they can. Which creates a bloated, unstable leadership with so many problems that it can't function properly. With populations too large and demanding with equal rights, it just breeds corruption amongst the upper class, where the Republic's Laws are bent and used to usurp power and financial gain, grinding all of the unfortunate sentients beneath them, regardless of what planet they're from. Worst of all is that Humans, for the most part, are still bigots and racist towards other species. Taris in KotoR pointed that out.

Oppression was evident in both sides, however for the Empire it was part of how the social hierarchy and government worked. With the Republic, it was just a side-effect of their own ruling government being incapable of doing anything more than Discussing problems instead of quickly dealing with it and cleaning up the aftermath.

Neither system is perfect. Both have their good points and their bad. But since they are at odds with each other, they'll never find a Middle Ground that would function and eliminate most of the problems the galaxy is plagued with.

I have characters in both Empire and Republic, though I am mainly Empire. It wasn't about "Evil is Cool", though Imp classes are more aesthetically pleasing. However, many of my Imp characters were geared more towards Light/Neutral standings with ideas on Improving the Empire, rather than be caught up in the Imperial War Machine and just burn everything to ash in their path. Malgus had the idea to reform the Empire, however it was imperfect and simply trying to seize power and force the change only resulted in disaster. Such changes would require decades or even centuries to fully implement since these things need to be done Gradually, and generally start with Education.

The Empire's problem is that most Imperial citizens are taught that the Republic is evil and that they will massacre their families if given the chance. This belief was originally brought about by the events of the Great Hyperspace War when Naga Sadow forced them into war with the Republic, lost, and then in retaliation, the Jedi and Republic did in fact try to exterminate the Sith People and chased the remnants into the Unknown Regions. Darth Vitiate, who would become the Sith Emperor, engrained the belief that the Republic will forever try to exterminate their race and their way of life if they do not follow him and obey his teachings.

When it comes down to it, the Sith are not all bad nor inherently evil, and the Jedi are not all good nor is their wisdom in the best interest of the Republic, since it caries their prejudice of the Sith and the idea that the only Philosophy about the Force that is correct is their own and everyone else is wrong.
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