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hi all,

nice thread gz to all contributors.

i am still bugged about on thing that i wasnt able to find around here.

i've seen alot of ppl recomend DG elemental relic for marauders/sentinel ... but what about our 100% armor penetration every now and again if we are specced for carnage/combat ? did any1 do the numbers on that ? would that bring the energy one ahead of the elemental one ?

i dont want to make assumptions so i am just asking if one of u math wizzes would take the time to look at the cd on that ability and crunch the numbers for it.

so carnage marauders / combat sentinels : elemental or energy relic ? (assuming a raid setup with 20% armor pen always up)
Kinetic and energy will hit the operations dummy for 207 with the 35% armour penetration from an assault merc's barrel choice, so 20% armour pen always up on a boss isn't enough. Without remember the exact damage values of the proc's with no armour penetration vs 100%, to me it looks like elemental is still slightly better (at best maybe 90 damage over a minute assuming no crits). Somebody with access to testing should be able to clean that up though (I'm at work atm, and don't think I have enough comm's on my Sentinel to test anyway).