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12.05.2012 , 11:53 PM | #122
Nothing new to add to the forum, just want to throw my hat into the ring of genuinely pissed off people who have lost crafting material, time, and patience with this situation. It is compounded with the Dev's inaction. I had crafted six items up to purple and then gone. I thought it was just a simple glitch and then bam, happened again. Crafting material gone, time wasted, leaving behind only one pissed off player.

I know it isn't a giant hit to the makers of the game, but if this situation is not resolved by December 18th, I am canceling my account and going elsewhere. I really do love playing this game, but it is not the only game that provides entertainment. I have been a paid member since the game released.

Once again, if not resolved by the time my semester is over, I am taking my business elsewhere.

P.S. I had submitted a trouble ticket on December 1st and not a single response. Completely inexcusable.