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The fact that I've seen many a 3 dps/1 heal group utterly annihilate things doesn't help their cause much either. Indeed, I've yet to do a flashpoint where 3 dps/1 heal hasn't done better than tank/heal/2 dps.

If anything I've more often felt like its the rest of the team having to support a player who gimps their damage (something that helps the entire party because 'dead' is the ultimate in crowd control) for marginally better personal survival.

People like you get into an ops group and dont know *** to do. If you tunnel DPS you dont do good dps. Just higher numbers are not a mark of better DPS. And I would like to see you do content that you dont outgear by 2 levels on a 3 dps i healer strat.

Also, if you feel a tank gimps dps, maybe you are running with 2 dps that are not good enough to beat enrage timers. Also, crowd control is needed at the beginning of fights, not the end.

Also, marginal better personal survival. LMAO.