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Yes this is happening just as the adds under the shield die and the ops group is repositioning back onto the tanks.

Just had a look through all our logs for tonight. Not one hit from zap above 2678 from the whole fight according to those logs. From what I remember in the fights our healers and the tank when this happened were all giving it "*** man tank from full hp to dead in 1 hit!?" Now as the RL I asked the tank to turn on the ingame kill report after the first time it happened. The subsequent times it happened the tank reported to me his kill report was saying "killed by zap 26780 damage". This is why we are a tad confused about what actualy happened. And now after looking through our logs I am even more confused lol.

Total of 10 attempts largest hit showing on the logs is an 18k electric discharge, this suggests the tank ate DD which in 1 fight I know he did. The rest of the fights from what I saw/was reported in fight the 2 dps on Stormcaller always took the DD.

heres a link to the nights log,b=1 . Tank on SC was Vigo
I think your tank must be really really really squishy.
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