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Quote: Originally Posted by oakamp View Post
if u r a inpatient person why u play MMO?
this game is a eq clone,
the only good thing that EQ teach u science low level is mind ur own reputation,
this game will die again and again(look at 201202,201205), if u keep quit group or ignore others, there won't be any ppl to group.

now about the title,
ppl all have their own opinions, so they don't take ur advice,
they all want to entertain themselves,
even they die,
but this semi-hardcore game make bad players' mistake cause u die,
especially as a tank, u always die 1st,
that's why ppl hate group, prefer solo, because ppl often annoy others,
but BW design pre 50 can soloable , but design endgame to be a EQ clone,
that's a big wrong decision,
but on the other hand if BW teach u science low level then u probaly quit at the beginning, it is too hardcore for these generation.

ps: I have a full Campaign and Dread Guard gears tank, i only use it with ppl that i can trust, they all do their homework b4 enter an combat, even we can't speak the same language we still can finish hm ops.
Know a tank's role, it is like a paladin, if u don't like it , don't play it, that is why good tank is so few.
WoW clone, not EQLive clone. The former is infinitely more forgiving when dying than the latter. I don't see a bunch of corpse runs or people quitting the game entirely because their decked-out BH died at the raid boss and their corpse is next to the boss holding all their gear, forcing them to run back through a likely-respawned dungeon to hopefully get their gear back and not de-level.