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In terms of strictly popularity I think the first Kotor game is greater than the second. That said I do wish we got more Kotor 2 references. I wasn't happy with what they did with Revan and less so with the Exile. Even if they were restricted to the voice actors they had back in TOR, they could have shown us some more of Handmaiden, Disciple, Jolee or Juhani in addition to Bastila.

Secondly, Nihilus is similar to the Emperor, but there are key differences. He's sort of like a much more extreme version of him. Nihilus doesn't become more powerful by eating worlds, he simply uses them to feed his hunger. Everything including himself is consumed by the Hunger. In that sense, he's IMO better character because even though he's more overpowered, he seems to have paid a greater price for it. I'm not sure if this is the case for the Emperor too, but Nihilus is specifically drawn to force users, they are what are the most nourishing to him. He appeared on Katarr because the Jedi Conclave had gathered there, not because of the rest of the Miraluka population living there, even though he consumed them all together. I always suspected that he was a living weapon orchestrated by the True Sith Empire against the weakened Jedi back when playing Kotor 2, because he was a perfect instrument to weaken or destroy the Jedi by his actions alone.