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12.05.2012 , 10:37 PM | #1
Hey guys.

My guild tried the tanks in EC NiM for the first time tonight and we ran into a little issue. I have browsed through these forums, and many others, trying to find some guidance but as yet havent been able to spot the information we need.

The issue we are having is afer the defensive systems phase. We are handling the adds well and killing things in good time, yet when we jump back up onto the tanks our stormcaller tank is getting 1 shot by a 27k+ zap (ingame kill report is showing this for the tank). Out of 8 attempts tonight this has happened 6 times to our complete frustration. From reading through allot of forums zap seems to be stormcallers spam atack and I havent seen anything to suggest that it should be hitting so hard. My main question with regards to this attack would be is there something we are doing wrong to trigger it to 1 shot the tank? Is this a bug?, or is this just something we have to deal with and work arround?

Thanks in advance for your help