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12.05.2012 , 10:32 PM | #41
I for one would love to play a new force user class. What I found disappointing in the ones we have was the easy and fast Knighthood. I would want to be a Padawan a little longer. The Prologue would be about becoming an apprentice for a Jedi Master and then the whole 1st chapter would be about being a Padawan and completing missions and trials and then end the 1st chapter with the accomplishment of becoming a Knight. There is a great opportunity for drama too if the player chooses to fall to the dark side, ending the chapter with an epic Lightsaber duel with your former master and then getting away with it. Should the player choose light side the enemy would be the Sith Lord responsible for trying to seduce the Padawan to the dark side.

Another thing I would love to see would be a class with reverse grip fighting style. Light whips and Light staffs would be an awesome addition to the force users arsenal aswell

And bring Togruta and Tholothian races to SWTOR!