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First, your argument about "most of the game's drop should make sense to the majority" cleverly overlooked my comparison to SM TfB. The same people that can't run HM LI without full Columi+ aren't going to finish SM TfB until they have Rakata/BH. Yet it would be absurd to make SM TfB drop Campaign or Dread Guard.

Thoughts? Comments?
TFB HM drops currently the highest Tier right now, and it's pretty much the only way to get some of them, even Nightmare EC only drop part of it. So even if it's hard people are still going to do it, even the SM so they can do HM well.

LI is totally different. Even its Rakata chest is not as good as BH, which only require you to do weekly quests and Tier 1 HM FP. If people can do HM EV/EC to get higher tier gears then TFB has some problems.

Your second argument about running FP/OPS "again and again" is illogical.

Once you've conquered HM LI, the reasons to run it again and again include:

1. You want the Black Hole comms
2. You like the challenge.
3. You're bringing friends and/or guildies through it

There are probably some others I'm overlooking. But you're not running for the gear that drops in the instance as you already got it. Heck, I still run T1 HM FPs, but it certainly isn't for the Columi tokens ...

Now as far as adding rewards to HM LI to encourage people to run it, I liked the idea of special gear (such as Cartel market gear) or something similar. Something cool, or rare. Not progression gear, but other stuff. THAT would be the bomb.

How about a White +41 Power Crystal with a 1% drop rate?

What do you think of that?
No, more useful loot-people are going to run it more, such as the Tier 1 FP, every boss might drop something useful for Tionese(most of the people can do it with tionese). LI is not the case.