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Since "a crafting system that works" has already been mentioned I think that leaves me with the traditional number of wishes:

1. To be able change my Advanced Class

I've done the whole "delete and start over" thing and that's fine if your character is a teenager but it is a pain if they are in their thirties or forties and their abilities still don't suit your playstyle. This is especially true if you've invested a lot of time, effort and credits (not to mention love and affection) in the process.

People change careers all the time (I've done it twice myself) and only in SWTOR and Paranoia are you forced to kill yourself and activate a new clone.

2. To have the option not to decline and/or to dismiss some of our companions

I understand BioWare doesn't want us to be able to kill our companions (though Maker knows we all have one or two we'd like to kill) but forcing us to endure their existence can undermine the 4th pillar and can ruin the our experience of that class. For example I stopped playing my Bounty Hunter because I was forced to accept Gault into my crew when it was something my character would never do and because I find him incredibly annoying.

So why can't we a) have the option to decline a companion when they offer to join and b) have the option to dismiss them at any time thereafter if we decide we don't like them? It doesn't even have to be permanent: they could simply say "well I'll be hanging out on <insert name of cantina> on <insert name of planet> if you change your mind" and then wander off to sulk. I appreciate we probably can't dump the first companion because they tend to be woven into the class story but I'm sure the other companions could be made optional with just a few changes (since all the non-class stories already have conditions for them not being there).

3. To have BioWare and take themselves and SWTOR more seriously

Above all else I would love to see BioWare demonstrating that they actually believe and care about two things: a) that this is a Star Wars game and b) that that galaxy is on the verge/has just descended into a war.

I love starting a new character with the classic opening (which gives me goosebumps every time). The class stories (at least the ones I've tried) are great; the world quests are generally strong; and although the side quests can get a little silly they are, on the whole, fine. Unfortunately thereafter BioWare seemed to have made an effort to trample all over the franchise, their own story and the game's internal consistency. The longer this continues the worse the parody becomes.

Even before the advent of the Cartel Market this was already an issue: plague circles during during the Rakghoul World event; rakling pets; the whole scavenger hunt event; pretty much all end game armour models; juke boxes, rhythm droids and party bombs; etc. However since the inception of F2P it has descended to new depths: party jawas; ball toss; throne mounts; certain new lightsaber colours; certain adaptive armours; the scavenger hunt elements of the HK-51 quest; anniversary fireworks and the imminent Christmas themed Cartel Packs.

It seems that the much hyped 4th pillar is ignored whenever it might get in the way of something "cool" or "awesome" looking; it might require more work; or it might simply be inconvenient. I guess what I'm really asking for Christmas is SWTOR instead of WoW in Space.
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