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Didn't just make yourself cry
I'm curious though, this 'paying for the sins of the father' thread, with Torian and then with the General's children...curious to see the outcome.
But my BH was making me sad
@ Milani, I think we should all give her none stabbing or violent hugs.

And yes, I am aware (and so is she) that Torian would entirely hate that idea and nothing else she could do (maybe short of killing him or Corridan) could test their relationship like that would. Thus, (not really sure if this is a spoiler but your choice)


The start of dawn...

In the morning, there are numerous comments about Corridan's black eye.

When people ask, he merely laughs and loudly exclaims something about 'testing the new blood'. Torian watches me suspiciously from across the room as he talks to his friends. I sit alone on a tall crate against a wall that has a close exit and view of the entire hall. It gives me a clear view over everyone's heads and I'm able to watch the interactions of the Mando'ad as I clean my armour. I also check my rockets and grappling hook. I've decided not to use any other weapons today. I will only use myself.

I watch Torian and his friends now and again but I don't join them. Never cultivated a skill for 'making friends'. My ability for social interactions is limited to seducing people and killing them. They weren't always exclusive things but the first was always shortly by the second. Observational learning will be more effective then research and I'm not willing to try practice.

Later, Torian breaks away and comes to me. He asks about Corridan's eye as I look down on him from my perch.

I shrug. 'He wanted to see me fight. You know I can't resist a challenge.' Torian nods and his lips twitch.

'You won?'

'You doubt me?' I ask rebuke with indignation. I jump down smoothly and he unnecessarily catches me by the waist, placing my gently on the ground.

'No. Just wanted to know how easy you went on him.'

'Very. Black eye is the worst he's got though I also suspect his got a large bruise on his lower back and behind his left knee which he is successfully hiding from everyone.' Torian doesn't turn to look at Corridan to agree with my appraisal. He only stares at me as intently as usual.

I lean against the crate and he moves closer. 'Still a rather good fighter. I didn't flatter him though by allowing him to get a hit. But-'

Torian cuts me off with a kiss and I stand dumbly even when he draws away. My lips still burn and I feel dizzy in a way only Torian could ever achieve.

'Was that for anything in particular?' I ask as my body finally regains the ability to move and air returns to my empty lungs. I move my hands to his waist but I can't meet his intense stare, so I look to the ground to my left and trace the cracks in the tiles with my eye.

'Jorcu ni kar'taylir gar darasuum.' Because I love you. He moves a hand to my cheek and turns my face to his like I have done to him so many times. He kisses me again with more force. 'Jorcu gar mech'la.' Because your beautiful. He kisses my nose, forehead, cheek, and then lips again. 'Jorcu ni ures* gar.' Because I missed you.

I don't know what to say to Torian's forward words so I only kiss him back.

'Clearing out in ten, Caderas,' Corridan says with a laugh after he walks past us.

We break away and Torian grins down at me with quiet and complete happiness.

'He's got a point,' I remark. I kiss Torian's chin. 'So, what's today's wager, riduur? I'm feeling 8 to 10. Thinking you might do better to impress.'

'You're on, Cyare.' He smiles down at me.

'Usual bet?' I raise me arm and fist.

'Usual bet.'

We cross wrists.


* I couldn't find a Mando'a word for 'miss' so I went with 'ures' which is 'without' or 'lacking'.