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12.05.2012 , 09:02 PM | #2
While a buffed Kolto Bomb is a nice idea, I don't feel it necessary since I don't feel we are gimped. I have played all 3 healer types in Ops, and I prefer the Commando. I can handle all Ops situations easily. You have to pepper your heals around, but your heals are generally fast and steady. I rarely have to worry about ammo, and you have the ability to dish out heals during emergencies. The same can be said of the Scoundrel/Operative, but burst healing can easily drain you if you aren't careful. Sage/Inquisitor has a nice pool at their disposal, but you can't deal with emergency bursts as effectively.

Looking at all the tools at your disposal, you'd think the Commando/Mercenary is the worst option, but in practice from my perspective, burst heals can be very important, and that's where they shine. I haven't had much problem keeping groups in Ops up, and if it ever got that bad, chances are the group isn't following through with a good strategy. That, or gear isn't up to snuff yet.