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Hello! Just as an update to this thread, we are definitely aware of a small number of users experiencing an increase in memory related crashes with the game client since Game Update 1.4. Rest assured that we have been and are working on optimizations to improve performance for those players affected.

Thank you for your patience, and please continue to report your relevant information in this thread as it helps us in our optimizations.
are you kidding me small amount, i been having this issue since 1.4 and many more friends in-game and people from my guild have same issue. Plus the numerous other post about 1.4 crashing and your claiming its a small number of users?

Here we are into 1.5......and 1.6 soon i would guess...
doubt you people at bioware are even trying to fix this, as long as you can get all your f2p shop stuff out, everything is fine i guess.