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That is completely false. we had numerous 4vs and duels in case you don't remember.

To start with, we were on a patrol and decided to check out the base, found you, and killed you and your friend multiple times after we were attacked by you and the npc elites. We had many fights with 4v4 later on during which we won many and lost some. Maybe you ran before that. Smart move.
"We" didn't have any duels after we wiped you 5v5 that night. After we waited a few minutes for your group to come back, which you didn't, everyone went their separate ways to do their dailies.

You killed Romiel and I twice - you didn't kill us "multiple times," as though indicating we were wiped over and over, nor were you attacked by the Champion NPCs. Your group was tucked safely against an empty wall. The only thing you had to fight after making your way into the base was Malkiv, Romiel and Eisys.

I love how Alpha Company even spins fables on the forums to "enhance" their in-game RP.
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