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You forgot the fact that Jaina is the Sword of The Jedi. And plus if you read the parts where Luke is meditating during the final battle helping Jaina. Caedus was distracted, that alone take down both Jedi and Sith. He in the end sacrificed himself to preserve the life of his child, which was HIS goal. If she died all he did would have been for nothing, the vision he had after he felt Jaina coming to him.

Force powers alone his are more diverse than Yoda's, And even if Caedus is disarmed that won't stop him. Yoda is strong but he only uses the basics, to great effect. I think it would be a hard battle, but even with Yoda's speed Caedus' flow walking can counter that. Speed alone cannot beat the Flow-walking.

In these situations:

Caedus hide in force. Sneak attack.
Yoda senses it, dodges
Caedus uses force
Yoda draws force barrier
Caedus tears through barrier, pushing Yoda towards the wall
Yoda uses augmented speed to escape hitting the wall flips with lightsaber in hand.
Caedus draws his blade, reading himself in the force
Yoda disarms Caedus
Caedus graps the Yoda's lit saber, absorbs energy
Yoda flips backwards and prepares for a force attack
Caedus pulls his lightsaber to him, saluting the venerable Jedi
Yoda rushes forward,
Caedus Flow walked knowing what to expect,
Yoda grips Caedus in the force
Caedus smiles and breaks Yoda's neck
Yoda would never harm a weaponless oponent.
Caedus is smart enough to know Yoda's history since he can flow walk and see Jedi of his grandfather's age.

(P.S. Caedus Flow-walked back and saw alot of things like Anakin's appointment to the Council.)