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Anyway, back to the OPs question. I actually would not recommend playing a Sin or Sorc for DPS. Marauders and Snipers simply outclass both of them at the moment. IMO, they're both more fun to play as well. But, if you're dead set on playing one of the two, I would go with Sorc just because it's generally easier to find a group as ranged
I'm 2 weeks shy of a full year playing this game and I have never, ever seen a LFM mDPS - I have seen LF marauder often enough and I see LF rDPS multiple times every evening. OP wants to raid? Rolling a DPS assassin will crush his/her spirit. That being said I've been deception since day 1.. LOVE the playstyle (and nope, I don't PvP). Damn difficult to learn the mechanics though, spending as much time on the bench as I do