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Noxxic's info for shadow/assassin tanks is really, really bad. Their stat priority, for example, is completely wrong. More points in accuracy have a tiny, tiny contribution to tanking assassin DPS, due to the dominance of force attacks in our rotation. Best in Slot is the 91% accuracy that you get from maxing your melee tank. No one, not even DPS classes, should have 110% melee/ranged accuracy. Nothing over 100% matters in PvE, despite what Bioware's tooltips claim.

Here is the correct stat priority for assassin tanks moving into the Dread Guard tier:

Absorption (60%) >= Defense (30%) > Shield (65%) >= Endurance (27k) >>> Willpower > Power >>> Strength > Accuracy

Regarding endurance, once your mitigation is at this point, diminishing returns starts to hit really really hard. That, combined with the very high HPS of the low-thrash rotation means that endurance is very nearly a better stat than the mitigation stats, in terms of survivability contribution. Due to itemization quirks, high-endurance mods have a higher stat budget than low-endurance mods (thus, you're trading 1 point of mitigation for about 1.7 points of endurance). Because of this, all of your Dread Guard mods should be high-endurance (the 27B variants), while your enhancements should be low-endurance (Bastion and Bulwark).
I dont know if I am understanding this wrong or whatever, but to me it looks like you are saying once you have hit 30/45/60 putting points in end and keeping the same def/shield/abs is going to be more beneficial.

I believer still stacking def/shield/absorb after 30/45/60 is better and any extra end you get(going from 61 to 63 for eg) is bonus. So I would still look at mods/enhancement which give me more mitigation stats as when I got from robust 26 to robust 27 I get more abs+ more end but I will not go from 26 to 27B in order to get more end.

correct me if I am wrong