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Yeah, I just created a legacy. Now first of all, I didnt know it was like a last name, so I put it down as chaosbringers instead, so does anyone know if you can change it? But anyways, I was looking into the gains of making a legacy, i and i was wonering whether it truly that great. I mean if you think about it, swtor meant for the legacy to be a family, where things are passed down. But when I look at it, I think of things like force moves being used by non force using characters such as smugglers and troopers and imperial agents, and I wonderif this should be allowed. I mean it doesn't make sense that a non force using or even a non force sensitive character can use force moves like force choke and smash. And adding to that, that is taking away the exclusiveness of being a force user. we are given things such as force moves because they make us force users, not just random people waving around sabers. And another thing, force users cant use abillities such as missles and rocket launchers, which are key to non force users such as the bounty hunter. I it is mostly one sided. Non force users get the important abilities that dont even make sense to have, and force users are stuck with the random weak left overs of the non force users. Why?
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