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"Freedon Nadd was seduced by the dark side."- Arca Jeth, Watchman of the Onderon system

The battle between Arca Jeth and Freedon Nadd acts as a prelude to The Sith War of Exar Kun. This battle is important as Freedon Nadd was the Sith Lord that ultimately corrupted Kun to the Dark Side. Arca Jeth discusses his battle with Nadd's spirit in the following recording...

Six hundred years after the Great Hyperspace War, the Jedi Freedon Nadd was seduced by the dark side, slew his own master and apprenticed himself to a Dark Lord of the Sith. In the tradition of the Sith, there can only be one Dark Lord at a time. Unable to become a Sith Lord as long as his master lived, Nadd came to the planet Onderon to make himself a king.

Four centuries after Nadd's death, I went to Onderon to bring peace to the divided world. I was preceded by my students Ulic Qel-Droma, his brother Cay, and Tott Doneeta, who had discovered that Queen Amanoa, wife of Onderon's ruler King Ommin, was possessed by the spirit of Freedon Nadd. My students and I tracked Amanoa to the deepest sublevels of her palace and discovered Freedon Nadd's tomb, which had become the focus of dark side energy and enabled his power to pass to his descendants from generation to generation.

Exposed to the light, the dark power that had supported Amanoa had abandoned her and left her dead. Nadd transferred his power to King Ommin. I was then attacked by Ommin, who smothered me in dark side energy and attempted to transform me into his own Dark Jedi. After my Jedi students came to my aid, Freedon Nadd realized that King Ommin would fall to the Jedi, so he switched his support to the Krath, a secret society founded by the cousins Satal and Aleema Keto, descendants of Empress Teta.

The Krath gained knowledge of Sith sorcery from ancient texts and relics. Nadd killed Ommin before his own apparition vanished into thin air, swearing to me that the Jedi had lost the battle.

To prevent Freedon Nadd from ever again execising his power from beyond the grave, I have transferred his sarcophagus to a great tomb on another world. The tomb is guarded by many beasts. May no one dare to find it.

Arca Jeth would meet his end at the hands of a Krath War Droid during Exar Kun's war. The spirit of Freedon Nadd would be responsible for Kun's fall to the Dark Side.

While Arca Jeth battled the spirit of Freedon Nadd, a deadly battle raged around them. Nadd had aroused his worshippers to battle the Jedi and their allies. Ulic Qel-Droma contacted the Republic for aid. They responded by sending the Republic Navy and a group of Jedi Knights.

During the battle, the Keto cousins arrived to seek aid from King Ommin in unlocking an ancient Sith spellbook. But the Jedi had defeated the possessed king. Despite this, the spirit of Freedon Nadd was able to help the Keto's by giving them several Sith artifacts.

According to the research of a Sith named Murk Lundi, Nadd did not actually learn from a Sith Lord, but merely found an ancient Sith Holocron. Murk indicates that this Holocron was owned by King Adas of the Sith. King Adas ruled the Sith approximately three thousand years before the forming of the Republic. Records also indicate that Nadd traveled to Yavin 4 where he learned from the spirit of Naga Sadow.

Freedon Nadd's spirit caused much strife for Onderon, straining their relations with future Force users.

Freedon Nadd's tomb was later uncovered by Exar Kun shortly before Kun waged war against the Republic. The spirit of Freedon Nadd was as potent then as it was on Onderon, striking at Vodo-Siosk Baas from across the galaxy and turning Exar Kun to the Dark Side.

We will continue our analysis of the battles between Jedi and Sith with The Sith War- or Great Sith War.

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