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1 - 2 days.. hahahahahahaaha your kidding yourself, if u have even read half this thread, so far we are hearing next weak to fix this issue, and ppl here have every right to be angry, its just one bug after another, i'm still suffering from an issues that still hasn't been fixed, and to add this to the list is really making me doubt my return to this game, i was excited for the f2p release, i was excited with the cartel market, but again, the cartel market was released along with it a heap of bugs and then they took off for thanksgiving, that was smart really it was, hope the genius that came up with the release date for that patch was fired, or demoted to cleaning toilets... we can't equip purple items we spent several hours reverse engineering to get, we could keep playing, but then that would render all the work we did in creating that item void....
But you can still play....and you probably have a ton of blues that you can wear instead. Only a slight stat difference.

Correct me if I'm wrong but people can still wear orange modifiable gear and can still wear blue gear and insert blue mods into the modifiable gear. It doesn't prevent you from playing.

But just to assuage everyone's fears, they have announced a patch for tomorrow. One that was not planned so most likely it will be a patch for fix a few issues that came out with the most recent patch including this one. Same thing happened when we all experienced issues with companion gear which I would consider a bigger issue than this.

Imagine riding around on your speeder, seeing some enemies you intend on dispatching and within 10-15 seconds after the fight starts your companion is dead. Now you're left fighting by yourself and if you use your companion as a crutch like I do sometimes, you're in trouble. And the only fix at the time was to un-equip your companion and re-equip him. That was annoying as hell because every time you spawned, traveled, you were doing the same thing over and over. That still isn't game breaking. I guess I just have learned to appreciate the small things in life or my outlook is brighter than most. (not really)
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