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12.05.2012 , 05:44 PM | #243
I believe earlier in this thread a link was posted stating an Unscheduled Patch would occur tomorrow. One would assume it is in regards to this or at least hope so. You say that you spent all this time REing items to get the Artifact version of them or close to that effect and the fact this bug is now present will make it useless because you will be beyond the stage it is needed at. My counter to you is if you are not Level 50, and you are not at 400 on your crafting then it is not useless. You are increasing your Crew Skill, and if you think your going to advance so FAR into the game making it useless then its going to be useless anyway when you can make the next stage of that item. (I.E Might Hilt 8 instead of 7.) A blue version of whatever you are crafting is only 1-2 points lower which in no means will create disastrous issues for you.