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Everyone is acting as if this is something on the smae level as say "Error 37" that diablo 3 experienced. The game is still easily playable, in fact nothing on your character equipped has changed. 1-2 days of you not being able to equip artifact items is not a game breaker. It is an unfortunate incovience that appears to be getting resolved Thursday Morning. You can go grind your dailies, space missions, run some flashpoints, get your crew skill up, roleplay, chat with fellow gamers, the list is never ending. Alot of us (I say us because I am a subscriber as well) pay for this game and expectations would be to have a game that improves not take steps back but this isnt cause for some of the immature childish outbursts. Threatening to suspend or quit paying isnt going to do anything, you measely subscription isnt going to dent EA/Biowares income, all it does is make you look whiny. If your not happy with the game May I recommend visiting the Control panel and uninstalling the game. Go kill Orcs as a Panda, and let the Adults roam the Galaxy.
1 - 2 days.. hahahahahahaaha your kidding yourself, if u have even read half this thread, so far we are hearing next weak to fix this issue, and ppl here have every right to be angry, its just one bug after another, i'm still suffering from an issues that still hasn't been fixed, and to add this to the list is really making me doubt my return to this game, i was excited for the f2p release, i was excited with the cartel market, but again, the cartel market was released along with it a heap of bugs and then they took off for thanksgiving, that was smart really it was, hope the genius that came up with the release date for that patch was fired, or demoted to cleaning toilets... we can't equip purple items we spent several hours reverse engineering to get, we could keep playing, but then that would render all the work we did in creating that item void....