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You sir have multuple toons several over 50 by your sig and you MAKE armor, I have 2 the highest is 28 next is 15 it IS GAME BREAKING both toons are now broke 1 now has no armor. At low levels money is slow I grinded all yesterday for that bloody armor so grind and buy a lesser set today I don't think so.
Have patience - **** THAT I am paying for this, this isn't a mod made by community members its a BUSINESS so **** PATIENCE.

FIX IT ASAP AND GIVE ALL AFFECTED COMPENSATION - free month of sub please keep your cartel coins probally cant eqip the items anyway.
So let me see if I understand this correctly. Your toons are broke and have no money or their gear is broken effectively making them invalid for any gaming? Just wanted to clarify.

If your gear still works you can still play and therefore can grind for more credits. Might even be worth it to try a few pvp matches to get some credits to help with your issues with credits.

If it is your gear that is broken making it so that you cannot play at all then I empathize with you. I'm not saying that they shouldn't get a handle on issues in the game. But I think sometimes people just come on the forums to complain about this being a horrible game. Yet still play the game or are subscribed to the forums.
I also have no issues with your suggestion that they offer compensation. If you pay for the game and ANYTHING is not working, you should be compensated especially if it effects your gameplay. But lets be honest, if you are a level 28, you can still effectively play the game in level 20 gear. I've done it while I was still new to the game not knowing about gear progression or matching gear with my main stat.
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