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After getting more geared etc, I sit at 11 and taunt TFB throughout tatrum. Single target/Aoe/Single target. This gives me 18 secs where tfb will not attack anyone and the heals only need to conc on me and the DPS can do their **** without worrying about anything.
You can't do Taunt>AoE Taunt>Taunt without having a break in the duration of the taunt debuff on the boss. Taunt is on a 15 sec CD so, at best, you'll have a 3 sec period where you're not the focus of the boss while your ST taunt comes off of CD.

As to the OP, tanks should always tank on the inside platforms closer to the boss (I do 10 until the first tentacles die and then 11 for the second pair and back on 10 for the third pair; DPS should know not to leap to a tank's platform to avoid Slams) because said attacks are M/R rather than F/T. If you're on the outside platforms, you're gonna have a bad time from all of that unmitigatable F/T damage.
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