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... and now, for some other great gift ideas for SWTOR Claus to give us:

There were a number of different requests regarding PvP, including Open World PvP, a Resolve system that works, Player Bounties, Cross-faction chat (other than /say), player rankings, cross-server PvP, finally balancing Mercenaries and Commandos so that they are viable PvP classes, Ground vehicle PvP (tanks!), Pick-yer-own Warzones, some sort of Geonosian arena/tournament setting, and Guild vs Guild combat (don't you dare call it Guild Wars©®™).

Some requests about game mechanics in general were stated, like a Mentoring system, Customizable UI for space, a Real Crafting System, no need for a mail terminal, multi-passenger vehicles, a Brawler (tech user melee) class, more Flashpoints, and a Hutt or Neutral faction.

Some people wanted changes or additions to their accounts, such as Lifetime Subscriptions, one month free subscription (the person asked for themselves only, but we all want that!), give us attack pets like Nexu, paid name changes (even though free changes for subscribers are Coming Soon©®™), a refund on credits for the Jet Boots upgrades you can purchase with Cartel Coins, purchasable character slots beyond 12 per server, and true dual-spec with auto-swapping quickbars and gear (and an "I Win!" button). And APAC server mergers or transfers.

There was more on gear, including customizable armor coloring, armor that doesn't look like it's from the 1980's or like sporting gear (or worse!) and faster ways to get end-game gear for casual players (and an "I Win if it's Saturday!" button).

A few people had comments about the game setting/galaxy, like we need more planets (Mandalore, Lehon, Oricon and Varl were mentioned), the setting should be more of a sand box (figuratively, not literally), we need day/night cycles, variable weather would be nice, we need an expansion of the class stories (even into space!), and BioWare should trust the players more with being able to develop or customize storylines (after all, there was another Star Wars-themed game a while back that trusted players to create stories, and it lasted over 8 years).

Some requests were quite specific to the holiday, for instance: A Christmas mount or pet (maybe an Ewok from the old TV special), custom Santa Trooper armor, more specifically a combat medic Santa Claus suit and matching assault cannon, fireworks, a "happy happy christmas song" that can be looped endlessly on cantina jukeboxes (for the remainder of the season), exclusive item unlock codes, Christmas Cartel Packs and a Christmas (World) Event (suggestion: Santa's elves are coming down with the Rakghoul disease, and...).

Some wishes were so special they deserve to be singled out:
  • A Guild
  • Bothan spies
  • A Kowakian Monkey Lizard (fixing the Cartel Market so that the asker gets one next time they buy a pack is good enough)
  • The spice must flow! and Paul Muad'dib Atreides will fight for the Republlic against the Emperor's attempts to control spice production
  • One billion credits
  • A pony
  • An even more special pony than the one above that can have its own name and a tongue for licking salty feet
  • A Red Rider BB Gun (with protective eyegear)
  • Free up unused character names with a purge of inactive names (let them keep their toons, just erase their names)
  • A year's supply of "Tusken Secret" brand deodorant
  • Free transfers for the SWTOR haters to whatever game they would actually enjoy

One person did ask for the ability to smite whoever started this thread, which would be me. Go ahead if you want, but I want the ability to curse that person so that he only gets Minor Exploration XP Boosts for every Cartel Pack he ever buys to balance things out.

I do have another special wish: SWTOR should create a new minigame called "Six Degrees of Dulfy", where you give us a character name and server and the first one to guess how that person is related to Dulfy they win 10,000 Cartel Coins (like I know a guy in my Pot5 guild who has a toon on the Ebon Hawk who knows this dood who also plays on the Harbinger who shielded Dulfy in a warzone last week).
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