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Coffee's brewing and I don't go cheap.

My whole take on this is to wait out the week. I know, me outta all people advising patience in here. In my very humble opinion, I feel we need to wait to get some more info from GLAAD before taking this out in public.

I'm a huge believer of "links or it didn't happen," so I want to come in there armed and ready with facts. It won't stop the trolls (nothing does short of bans,) but it will give our stance some more solid ground to stand on. That's where I stand on this.

Trust me, I'm not entirely thrilled this course of action.

However, if we come in there armed with links and support, then we have a chance. We probably should try to bump Uluain's thread to start.

Edit: Fabiyun, how you you start the post?

Also, I got your pic of the Derailment Bingo.

Damnit, I need a B for Bingo this week! So close this morning, but oh well.
Haha! That's a great way to keep our heads cool! Play Bingo while we're at it . In case some wonder, Bingo is often used in the battle against privilege and discrimination. I got acquainted with it through Derailing for Dummies (.com), great read if you're ever up to it.

For me going to general where we're not supposed to go, it is only for privileged people, is breaking my chains (enter other sith code parts here). That in and of itself is something that is powerful. But it is also a tradition to be visible, sometimes not with a particular message that means more than, we're here, deal with it. If they delete a thread, I don't care, start another. Trolls will come in, I don't care for their opinions. You can never have enough armour. This is about me shoving my agenda through their throats (LOL). I think that honestly humour is the only armour we can have.

Edit coming in a bit, to add -how to possibly go about it- making coffee
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