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So my alt is an assassin tank and whe clearing EC NiM I had to play on it since our off tank was gone, it has full campaign, nothing else, and in Kephess we did it like this, the other tank picks up the first pack. I normally have aggro since the threat we generate us so high and then he gets it back via AoE taunt, after the first two warriors are dead I get to the 2nd spawnpoint, as soon as they spawn I pop my Force Shroud/Resilience to avoid damage, then Discharge/Force Breach, Wither/Slow Time and finish with as many Lacerate/Whirling Blow that I can, and then I use Deflection/Deflection and just hope my healer can keep me up, no aggro loss and warriors die very fast.

I agree with you that we assassin tanks have bad migration, but we have some nice attacks and a threat generation that is awesome, so I am happy anyway. We only cleared it last week with two assassin tanks and then we had two very good healers with awesome gear and at least one tank with almost full 63 (and me with campaign) and we did it the same way we did it when we had me and a PT (that we had during the same week and release when we got our server first) without any problems. What is breaks down to is healers skill and preparation, as well as having some awesome DPS that can burn down the adds so healers don't have to many targets that needs healing.

If your tactic works, there is no need to do anything about it, even thought you have two "bad" tanks for the fight, it all boils down to the skill of the players in the raid.

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