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12.05.2012 , 04:53 PM | #58
I blame the state of republic on a couple things. One of which is gear. I like to Q up solo quite a bit, just to work on my rotation and spec or whatever. The thing that I notice is how flippin squishy our guys are. Recently, there have been a crap ton of guys getting into wz's with 14-15k health. In fact, there was a group I was in earlier in which the highest health (other than myself) was 16k.

Another thing I blame it on is weak premades. This is something that even I am guilty of. I like to group up with my guild (who more often than not are undergeared) and we also have a poor makeup. We have so many bleepity bleep DPS sages it's ridiculous. We're good players, but having us all in the same group does not make for a winning formula. Not to mention, some of our members have had to reroll to a healer because we just flat out don't have any at level 50 (I've had to reroll to a sentinel, because Sage DPS is just not very viable in rated situations). I know a BUNCH of Imperial guilds that can form a great premade at the drop of a hat... Can't say the same for the Republic guilds. Maybe Hostile Takeover, Hoth Ski Patrol, and Firestorm can, but it seems that most other guilds that run premades just struggle with formulating a geared team with the correct composition...

Anyways, thanks for reading