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Yes and it will likely get deleted and we'll get directed back to here, again. And again. And again.

But what do we do? Huddle down here in fear of the trolls, of the detractors and nay-sayers? I admit, I don't like coming into what I feel is one of the two 'safe-threads' on this forum, one of my threads, and seeing random strangers attack people I like, attack a subject that's dear to me and just generally get the bigoted spunk all over our nice picnic. But moving the picnic table to the far corner of the field where it's too far for most of the trolls to walk isn't the answer. I want to picnic in the sunny spot, damn it, and if they don't like the rainbow cupcakes they can just sod right off.
Coffee's brewing and I don't go cheap.

My whole take on this is to wait out the week. I know, me outta all people advising patience in here. In my very humble opinion, I feel we need to wait to get some more info from GLAAD before taking this out in public.

I'm a huge believer of "links or it didn't happen," so I want to come in there armed and ready with facts. It won't stop the trolls (nothing does short of bans,) but it will give our stance some more solid ground to stand on. That's where I stand on this.

Trust me, I'm not entirely thrilled this course of action.

However, if we come in there armed with links and support, then we have a chance. We probably should try to bump Uluain's thread to start.

Edit: Fabiyun(and others) how would you start the post?

Also, I got your pic of the Derailment Bingo.

Damnit, I need a B for Bingo this week! So close this morning, but oh well.