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12.05.2012 , 04:48 PM | #3704
I think we need to leave GLAAD outside a discussion. This is about us, and what we want. I also don't think that we need a thread that's troll proof, derailing ready. It doesn't so much matter what we say, we just need to make a lot of noise while saying it. The FAQ, Timeline and so much else is in this thread. It won't go anywhere. But the point is that we make noise where people can actually see it, the trolls and derailers won't read any real info anyway, not unless they get a cookie. Plus every question or derailment can be answered to, that's a bump. If the trolls will attempt to silence, they achieve the opposite. Posting on general, is posting gloves off for me at this point. But I understand that maybe natashina, you want to refrain from that and simply quote from the faq and remain nice (I mean that). Others who are at a point of maybe not returning anyway, can be the bad cop.
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