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Only slightly melodramatic. If you can still play you will be fine. If you can still wear blues then wear blues if you are that concerned with gear progression. Purples only adds 1 extra stat. I put blue armorings/mods in my gear when it takes me too long to RE purples on my main. Same thing with the gear I make with Armormech/Synthweaving.

It's not game breaking. It's called have some patience while they resolve the issue. When the issue occurred with the companion gear they had it fixed the next day.
You sir have multuple toons several over 50 by your sig and you MAKE armor, I have 2 the highest is 28 next is 15 it IS GAME BREAKING both toons are now broke 1 now has no armor. At low levels money is slow I grinded all yesterday for that bloody armor so grind and buy a lesser set today I don't think so.
Have patience - **** THAT I am paying for this, this isn't a mod made by community members its a BUSINESS so **** PATIENCE.

FIX IT ASAP AND GIVE ALL AFFECTED COMPENSATION - free month of sub please keep your cartel coins probally cant eqip the items anyway.