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Well, no. The idea is to simply use unconventional strategies because G0-T0 and HK-50 can only adapt to what they have access to in their programming and databases they can hack. Plagueis could also travel to Endor and learn Ewok tactics. And Exchange underlings are to dumb for that stuff

What happens if G0-T0 encounters a stituation he is not prepared for? I think we get an idea of this after he joins the Exile. He views her as his employee. This is what I would call a glitch. The situation has developed in a way he isn't able to keep up with.
If you are saying GO-TO can't adapt.... *facepalm*

Adapting is what GO-TO has been doing since the very beginning. It was his IDEA to create to fake human persona. It was his IDEA to set up a crime ring to aid the Republic. It was his IDEA to place bounties on the heads of Jedi and Sith. None of those things were in his programming. To say that GO-TO cannot adapt to a new situation is completely..... wrong.

Droids, in general, adapt. If you aren't a B1 battle droid, chances are you will adapt. And GO-TO and the HKs are VERY fancy droids. They will adapt to whatever Plagueis throws at them.

(As for the Exile thing, I'm pretty sure that was just his pride talking. He DOES have a personality.)