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Hi Dierdrea, how is it going?

I would say without having thought so much about the why, this might very well be the reason you wont come ahead. I tried both: Using the regg stuff instant when its up (ofc no blackout right after vanish) to squeeze as much uses as possible - which pushed me to max force sometimes (i wont get even close when full madness). And trying to use it when i get low on force and would have to SS - which wont give you the most out of the talent.

Still not sure how you manage to outperform full madness, but i hope your logs will provide some insight.
I didn't, mad maul came pretty close but I can't manage to pass full madness, I think I said that in my post before. It is still very viable and is much friendlier to play. The only thing I was wondering about is if execute phases will be smoother. I didn't post logs because your logs pretty much summed it up nicely.