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12.05.2012 , 04:23 PM | #6
I unlocked HK-51 for an alt yesterday, and it came equipped with all the level 50 gear as he was on my main character. However, it wasn't giving any bonuses to anything. I removed the armors, mods and enhancements from two of the pieces intending to use level appropriate replacements.

The minute I did that, a red symbol appeared above his icon indicating that the remaining gear was no longer useable at that level. So, I simply removed all of it, banked it then replaced what I could with new weapons and parts. I tested him at level eleven with appropriated gear, and he was a monster.

I intend on leveling him with upgrades and then using the original level fifty gear later. However, it would be more convenient if the gear scaled as he progressed. Perhaps they will attend to this at some point.