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I see folks in the general chat offering to craft 27 enhancements/mods/barrels/hilts, usually with a message like this:

crafting <insert_end_game_item_modification> 27 free with your mats

Are these folks legit, or do people send them their mats and they take them and you never hear from them again? Would the better way to handle it be to only do trades with folks who have pre-made items?
ideally the latter is a better option all around. You get what you want right away with zero chance of being ripped off.

That being said there are ways to protect yourself:

- get a clear/definitive response from the crafter through chat as to what the transaction will entail (preferably in a chat window separate from everything else - create a new chat window and set it up to only view whispers). The more detailed the better.
- friend that character so you can see when he/she logs in
- note the legacy name (if available)
- you can get take a screenshot of the chat (printscreen or windows 7 snipping tool)
- save that screenshot and if you get ripped off, you can submit a request to Customer Service for a return of your materials.