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Well, since we're over 100 replies, let me 'splain ... no, there is too much. Let me sum up. Here's what people want, as interpreted by me, with s(n)ide comments by me, and some lumping into the same category by me.

Top Ten X-mas Wishes
  1. Minigames (8 votes)
    Like Sabacc (x2), Pazaak (x4) and Swoop racing (x6) including craftable or comm-purchasable upgrades for swoops, and please note that CRAFTING was NEVER mentioned as a MINIGAME like it is now.
  2. Paid server transfers (7 votes)
    You reading this, SWTOR accountants? People want to give you more money! This should be a no-brainer!\
  3. Space off rails (7 votes)
    including Space PvP off rails ... it is STAR Wars, after all, not GROUND wars ... who knows? Now that Lucas Arts is controlled by Mickey Mouse and not George Lucas, they won't insist that the space be a "cinematic" experience.
  4. Variations on crystal colors (7 votes), including:
    • Real green lightsaber crystals like in Beta
    • Rainbow, er, Chromatic colored crystals
    • Black-Pink crystals (why am I getting a craving for Good & Plenty's right now)
    • Black color crystals (dude, hate to break it to you but black is not a color, not even SWTOR Claus can change that)
    • Crystals with colors that are determined by their stat (red for endurance, blue for power, something like that)
  5. A "barbershop" so we can change our appearance and with more appearances (6 votes)
    and include that for companions, please
  6. Same gender companion relationships (6 votes)
  7. New playable species (6 votes)
    Like Cathar, Ssi-ruu, Jawa (NO!), Voss, Ortolan, and a generic request for "an Aquatic species", but first you need to give us the ability to SWIM ... whoever heard of a galaxy full of Sentient Beans who did not know how to swim?
  8. Chat bubbles (5 votes)
    and other things that would enhance RP like usable furniture, emotes with animations (add a few votes for these)
  9. Player housing (4 votes), including:
    • maybe politician skills/class? (Got enough politics in Fleet General Chat...)
    • if you don't fix the screwed up PvP resolve system, the ability to decorate our houses with the player statues we make
    • and the related "let me customize my ship and put stuff in it!" (another few votes)
  10. New armor styles (lots of various votes), including:
    • Hood toggle x 3
    • Especially armor styles that have been shown in ads for the game: NO FALSE ADVERTISING! x 2
    • Ability to wear masks under hoods
    • A kit that coverts any armor to custom armor
    • Factional armor/uniforms for any class
    • Level 50 Legacy armor (like they have now for low and mid levels)
    • Cute sniper hats like maybe a sombrero or stetson and with shades (in other words, what smugglers already have)
    • 7-inch Stiletto Heeled Black Leather Thigh Highs (RAWR!)
    • Mandalorian armor (like the stuff from KOTOR ... you know of that game, SWTOR Claus? Used to be really popular, heard talk they might make it into an MMO even)

Soon as I can, I'm going to post some of the other not-so-common but oh-so-special X-mas wishes....
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