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12.05.2012 , 04:19 PM | #1
So this morning, i found my account was hacked. With a security key and all on it only god knows how it happened but whatever. After phoning swtor support and origin support for 2 hours together i managed to get everything back in line and working again.

I had about 10 minutes to spend untill i had to go to work, so what i did was simply send my companions to do some missions and log off.. whole morning wasted on the phone. But whatever account restored.

Come home tonight from work, account locked. What the F?!

"Refer to the notification send to registered email"


I try password recovery solely to see if my email adress was still attached and i hadn't been hacked back to back (idiotically small chance but i realise it's posseble). I got an email. So it has not been changed. Password and everything still works. I just can't enter the game because it's locked.

Now, i called again. I didn't like it but i liked the idea of having to wait for a response to my email for 1 or 2 days even less. After being put on hold to the higher techincal team for almost a &^*$%$%^ hour, the phones batteries died and i lost connection.

Right now, i'm very, very frustrated. Why is my account locked again? What is going on and why are the waiting times so stupidly absurd?

Before i was forwarded to the higher technical support team i shortly spoke to a regular account agent, he gave me the reference number of 7259974. The calls from this morning should be mostly trackable on number 7242410.

I expect this to be sorted swifty and effeciently now. I'm, done waiting and i'm done with the customer service.