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12.05.2012 , 04:08 PM | #3696
Uluain's contributions are going to be remembered. Like MusedMoose he did a lot for the profile and continuation of this topic and the subject it entails. Should we begin a new thread, as he suggested, perhaps we could find a quote of his to head it up?

God, this sounds almost like an obituary.

Edit: Oh goodie, 1.6 drops tomorrow. Six weeks on from then is January 17th, if Bioware put 1.7 up for testing on Monday and leave it for six week's testing time. More likely they'll put it up for testing on the 17th. So, 1.6, last patch of the year. Isn't it SO GOOD that Mr. Hickman said that everything said during the Guild Summit is false? Good for Mr. Hickman.