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Lower level tanking is difficult but an invaluable learning experience not only for the tank but also for the damage dealers who accompany you. You, the tank, learn to prioritize whereas the DDs learn to dispatch weaker enemies who'd otherwise attack the healer. Basically, as soon as you have your first single target taunt available, you are ready to do your part as a tank IF your damage dealers know their job, too.
The further you progress in levels the more you have to learn to use your taunts economically to maintain aggro on boss enemies in prolonged encounters or to quickly grasp aggro on adds or breakaways attacking your healer.
Consequently, even tough a good tank/healer team can compensate for quite a lot, it is basically the discipline and the tactical awareness of the other people you play with which will make the difference between a stressful experience and a fun run through group content. The rest for any tank is just a very normal learning curve: Keep your cool, prioritize targets, look out for your healer and train your overall 'battlefield awareness' in order to detect threats.