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What business of yours is it if somebody skips through quests. You cant dictate how people play and neither can Bioware. I'm not ashamed to say that I skip through a few quests here and there but how does that affect how you play? And a LFG tool would be useful because its a tool. You dont have to use it but its there.
If people want to do so that is their issue, I was saying that Bioware doesn't want people to do this. They have no power to stop people from doing this, but they frown upon it. Skipping one or two speeches isn't a bad thing I mostly refer to people who skip through all the cut scenes just to hit cap first. And if there is a LFG tool you would have to use said tool there is no way around that. If you go around asking for a group while a LFG tool is available you will be made fun of by others. The LFG tool, any many others agree with this, ruins the game for people. Right now I don't want to see a LFG tool or ability for mods but that may change in the future.