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12.05.2012 , 03:34 PM | #6
It's a bit hectic until you get your aoe taunt and your pull. From my experience though tanking at the lower level made me a much better tank in the long run. Looking at pulls finding the strongs figuring out how i can aggro all of them. I also found that if your dps focus fire with you at lower levels it's much easier on healers.(rather than the norm of killing weak mobs moving to strong) Pull with Death from above when up at low levels trying to hit as many mobs as possible.(when i lvld my PT the AOE on DFA was much bigger so you could hit almost every mob in every pull omg how i miss the old DFA with like a 12m radius) If you fail to attack mobs they'll just attack the healer because they have no one else putting threat on them.