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This is probably how all call centers are... I used work for a call center for Security cameras that can be accessed over the internet (nightowl). I will tell you, you will only get out of the call center what you put in to the call center. As in, if you are a self entitled baby, you are going to get people who don't really care about you on the phone. But if you treat your call center tech with respect, they will be more willing to help you.

And for future note, most of the time, Tier 1 does not know what they are talking about they are usually following a script, they are there to weed out the minor non-issues that people make out to be serious issues from the real issues.

Because of my experience I do not give any tier 1 the time of day. They really do not know what they are talking about. When i call in, I am usually experienced with the product I am calling in on and have a genuine issue and I need help from someone who knows more them me!

Prime example.... ATT they know Jack poop about anything!
So you are telling me that because I had opened a ticket about my issue, they closed it saying it was resolved when it wasnt, then being put on hold for three hours makes me a self entitled baby and I should coddle the people on the other end?

I wouldn't have had an issue but a 3+ hour wait time is INSANELY long, and if it is that long, there is a problem.

You take a look at these forums and there are quite a few people making points about wait times.

An issue about a credit card charge where the service/item you purchased was not received is not a non-issue, that is a serious one.

If it wasn't for us customers, this game would not exist... do enough to alienate your consumer base, the money dries up and the game goes bye bye.

These phone wait times are an issue that needs some serious looking into.