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Two points to make here.

Firstly, EA/Bioware were staunch and unflinching (from what I heard) when being outright attacked by 'family friendly' homophobic political hate groups. It stands to reason they may adopt the same philosophy in the face of a group that sounds a great deal more polite. For that reason alone GLAAD may have no more success than us.

Secondly, if EA/Bioware do intend to speak to GLAAD, what a company would say to a fanbase is generally very different to how they would respond to an organisation. It may simply be taking them some time to rally and plan what to say and what not to say.
In the 'us' I was referring to those of us in the SGRA thread, rather than the LGBT community at large, but I do see your point. If EA/Bioware are preparing a statement, that implies that they don't believe that the copy-pasta they feed to their players is good enough for an organisation or that they might be unprepared for interest on this matter from an outside party, it might also be possible that they are going to try to up hold their false image of LGBT inclusivity without making any references to this particular case.

+5 points to me if the EA memo says they "do not discuss the particulars of individuals cases with individual games" or something to that affect, then follow it up with "we're proud to have LGBT positive content in all our games!"

+5 additional points for not having trans* people represented. +1 point for mentioning gender identity in the same breath as sexual preferences.

Taa daa. I can work in public relations, it just require copious amounts of bull sh*t! Easy.

Edit: @Slaign, if you don't appreciate the trivialisation of your concerns and the discrimination pitted against you and others like you in everyday life, you need to grow a thicker skin! People with privilege can do whatever the damn well please, they have privilege.